The loss of a loved one can have a devastating impact on a person’s journey through life.  This journey of grief is beneficial to the spirit within us, an influential part of our spiritual growth. As time goes on we start to gain a deeper understanding about life and death as the new inner change evolves and the old self dissipates. We then begin to welcome this change by accepting our new self and by bringing life to the spirit within which is known as a “Re-birth.” Moving on can empower us as we become in sync with the natural flow of energy.

This change of direction brings us to a newfound strength which brings out the greatness of our journey forward. We grow with the light because the light favors our inner strength and all that is graceful to the human spirit. The light brings forth the love we so desire as we regain ourselves from such loss. The loss begins to empower our spirit as we pull forward.

The only way to change is the only way out. This change often comes about if we don’t resist.  Resisting can hinder the soul as we fight against the energy.  We must let this natural energy guide us at our own pace.  This inner motivation can spark the light within as we move forward and then we begin to change on an external level but only when the inner voice is nurtured.

In time we begin to embrace the loss of our dear ones and through this inner change we begin to feel the peace in our hearts. Love is linked to pain so working through our pain brings out the purity of love, a love which is magnified and continues on…