Journey to the Rainbow

A poem by Amanda Jane Penny

       Sleeping beauty, are you alright?
What do you lay your head on at night?
Do the angels give you a pillow
To rest your head
As you make your way to your heavenly bed?
And tell me, Elianna
Is it made from clouds?
For angles pillows‘ are soft and white
So comforting in the darkest night!
And isn’t your home near Starlight Way?
That’s bright and cheery, night and day?
It’s just one step behind dreamland
So easy to find
That heavenly place with you in mind
Where all the children have sleepovers there
Yes, right next to the stars
Just behind the planets of venus and mars!
Sleeping beauty
You left us too soon
Guess who told me that?
The man in the moon!
He was sad about that
And didn’t want you to cry
As he asked you to join him
In the midnight sky
When all the children are tucked up in bed
Elianna shall play
I heard him say
He lets you swing on the stars at night
And you are having such fun until the morning light!
He told me that you are free from pain
And suddenly I am able to smile again
For you’re in a place of peace and light
So, man in the moon
Please tell Elianna goodnight
Tell the angels to protect her and treat her just right
May her tender spirit flourish and grow
And tell Elianna we love her and miss her so!
And although my heart may feel like a stone
I’m comforted that you are not alone
For at least you have found your heavenly home
I close my eyes, yes, Starlight Way!
A heavenly place
Just a heartbeat away.