In 2011, after the sudden and tragic loss of Louise’s daughter, Elianna, Louise became very driven trying to search for answers during her turbulent journey of grief.  She became deeply interested in spirituality and so she began reading books on the subject of life and death.

In 2014, She wrote her first book, "Journey to the Rainbow", with her sister, Mandy. Her sister played an important role in her book, contributing some of the most magical poems along with some of the most amazing experiences Mandy had received from Elianna.  Louise and her family also encountered dreams and signs and so she thought this would be a comforting way to bring all these wonderful stories to light as well as highlighting  her journey of grief.  The book was later published in two National Hospice Magazines and several local newspapers.  Louise also made as an appearance on “The Morning Blend". In 2015, she enrolled in the University of Metaphysical Sciences, California to study Divinity while writing her second book, "The Power of Eternal Love" which was published in June 2017.

In 2018, Louise received her M.Div from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and she has also finished writing her third book "Dimensions of Transition."

Louise has had several articles published in "Still Standing Magazine." and "Thrive Global."

Through all the knowledge she had gained, the numerous meditations and the signs she received from Elianna, Louise  learned to control the chatter in her mind and connect within where words have greater authenticity and meaning.

This sad, yet empowering journey has taken Louise to new heightened levels of her spiritual growth bringing forth wisdom and knowledge to those around her.  Life is more meaningful to Louise now not only is she able to carry on Elianna's name through her work but she has come to the understanding that her daughter's energy is always with her.  She has dedicated the past 7 years to profound her knowledge in the field, helping herself and others through her words, driven by the empowerment of loss.